How to Calculate Printing Costs?
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You must know how to calculate the printing cost so that you can have control over the expenses. Are printer consumables a huge drain on your budget? A print cost calculator would provide a huge help for your calculation.

Office supplies and printer consumables may seem like a minor expense compared to the other operational costs of a business. In any home office, medium and large, you would need office supplies like pens, scissors, paper clips and printer consumables. While these basic supplies cannot be ignored, over time, the cost can add up especially when your number of employees and company grow in size.

It is highly important to lower the printing cost to save more.

Without any careful planning, you may spend a huge percentage of expenses on printing consumable items. It is extremely important to focus on spending less and earning more because that is how your business will grow in the future. In order to meet your business goals, you may have to notice the amount of money you spend on printing in every single month. Printer consumables can be ridiculously expensive and you will have to take the right step to reduce printing cost and save a lot of money. If you want to remain productive and mind your budget, you need to learn about simple ways to save on printing expenses.

How much money your printer is demanding?

Do you know how to calculate printing cost? In reality, the majority of the businesses do not track their real cost to print. It includes the cost of the toner cartridges, paper, maintenance, security, compliance risk and more. Printer cartridges are not cheap! The cost of the cartridges depends on the type of printer you use and the type of documents you print. On an average, an employee prints approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year and this cost to print increases when you work with a large group.

What is getting printed?

l  Documents

l  Reports

l  Financial Statements

l  Contracts

l  Training Materials

What is Printing Cost Per page?

If you want to cut down the printing expenses, you must be aware of calculating the average cost per page. Calculating the cost of printing per page is simple, however, it will vary depending on the type of printer cartridge you are using. You need to divide the price of the cartridge by the estimated page yield.

For instance, if you spend $70 on a black toner cartridge that would get you a standard yield of 1,100 pages. 70/1,100= 0.063 (the cost is about 5 cents per page). This is the calculation for printing in black but you must note that printing in colour costs more.

Here, in this example, the maximum yield of that toner cartridge is 1,100 pages. This number cannot be guaranteed as it depends on how much toner you use while printing. The number of pages the manufacturers use for these estimates is 5% of the page coverage for the entire A4 piece of paper.